Third Witness Stone Ceremony Held for a Grave Family Slave

The Witness Stone Project, aided by the Country School’s eighth grade class of 2024, held a presentation ceremony to commemorate a slave named Tome.

Each student in the class participated in research, establishing a biographical sketch of Tome’s life. As an early Grave family slave (c. 1682), Tome participated in the building of the Deacon John Grave house. He later appeared in the Grave family logbook (1707), which noted some of Tome’s work projects for the family.

At this third presentation ceremony at the historic home, Tome’s stone was placed along the front of the Grave House. Tome’s witness stone will reside next to the stones that honor Stepney and Cate, two other Grave family slaves.

A highlight of this third ceremony was the keynote speaker, a poet from Pace Gallery in New York City.

The day’s event was filmed by Connecticut Public Television (PBS) and will be broadcast in March.