Grave Relatives Visit the House

Grave relative, Robin Satterfield, with husband (Jim Beckmann), arrived at the Grave House on October 8th for a pre-arranged tour of the homestead. The Friday afternoon tour was part of their extensive journey to find Robin’s ancestral roots. The shirts worn by Robin and Jim stated their mission for heading eastward from their home state of Missouri, “Looking for Dead Relatives Tour – October 2017”. The shirts’ reverse provided the family names included in their quest: Graves and Redfield, both listed on the framed family tree displayed at the Grave House. Board members, Tom and Jenny Lee, greeted the Missouri couple and Terry Roberts stopped by to add historical information about the Grave family and the building’s history.

In the video below, Robin Satterfield talks about her relatives while looking through the book “Deacon John Graves of Hartford, CT, Volume #7” during a visit to the Deacon John Grave House October 9th, 2017 as part of she and her husband’s “Looking for Dead Relatives Tour”.