“The Deacon” Hosts Open House After Madison’s Tree-Lighting

On the first of December, “Deacon John Grave” welcomed attendees of the town tree-lighting to his home for an open house. After the tree-lighting ceremony on the Madison Green, the Deacon’s house offered a friendly gathering place. Visitors found the Deacon John Grave House decked for the holidays with festive trees and greenery.

One hundred plus guests enjoyed hot cider and the warmth of a hearth fire at the Grave family home. Neighbors chatted with neighbors and newcomers to the house were introduced to each other. A few guests shared childhood memories of visiting the Deacon’s house, as school children in the Madison schools.

Downstairs, Deacon John Grave House board members kept the cider flowing, as they hosted incoming visitors. Some folks ventured upstairs, where another House member was on hand to provide some house history for the curious. Holiday music softly playing in the background and completed the evening’s experience of stepping back into the past, while enjoying traditions of the present.