About Us

WelcomingGuestsWwideThe Deacon John Grave Foundation was incorporated in 1983 to save the Deacon John Grave House from destruction. Since that time the foundation has worked tirelessly to restore and preserve this unique structure.

The Deacon John Grave House is special because its history is the story of seven generations of one Madison family, how they lived and died, their joys and sorrows and their continual struggle to make ends meet in a constantly changing society.

President Terry Roberts standing in the front door

Seven generations of farmers, haulers, soldiers, innkeepers, shoemakers, dressmakers and weavers have tread the time-worn floorboards of the house. The seven generations kept amazingly meticulous entries in account books that tell their story, from early colonial beginnings to the twentieth century.

Using all the Dutch ovens

Using all the Dutch ovens