Madison Fifth Graders Return for an Expanded New Program

5thGradersMau3WAfter five years it was time to revamp the History Program since the 250 students, teachers and aides had previously visited as Second Grade students. Peter Bizer, Social Studies Coordinator said this new program was the best ever.

The ten classes rotated from two programs learning new words like: Corset, Stays, Cheshire Pork Pie, Flax and stringed chicken.

One station had Board Members in period dress and actually preparing food in the hearth. The students watched as various dishes were cooked using the 1710 fireplace with all the tools including dutch ovens, peals and other cast iron pots.

In another room, board members in period dress first demonstrated the importance of growing flax and the process of turning it into cloth. Then, using actual period clothing, there was a detailed display of how Colonials dressed. Both men and women’s attire was displayed from childhood to adult.

The fact that underwear was not worn did get their attention.

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