19th Annual Bauer Park Harvest Festival

On a beautiful fall Saturday in October, board members in colonial costume joined in the
fun at the Bauer Park Harvest Festival, sharing with visitors the ins and outs of the 18th
century manufacture of linen. Visitors were educated on how linen was made, from
growing the flax, to drying, harvesting the inner fibers, then finally spinning and
weaving. Eighteenth century tools such as a flax brake, swingling knife and hetchel
were demonstrated and explained.  A little trivia was included as well, such as where the
saying “ girl with the flaxen hair” came from – answer: the “blond” flax threads. In
addition to our demonstration at the festival, children enjoyed a hay maze, pony rides,
hay rides as well as pumpkin painting and making their own fresh pressed apple cider.


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